The Organisers

The BUCS Wild Water Race is organised by the Friends of Durham University Canoe Club on behalf of Durham University Canoe Club. The Friends Group was formed in 2002 to support Durham University Canoe Club both financially and with long-term projects.

The event is led by John Little with help from Chris Lomas and Will Coombs. John has been at Durham University since 1996 as a student, and now a member of staff. Chris was a Student from 1999 to 2008 and now runs his own business in Durham. Will has been a student since 2004 and is now a lecturer at the University. John and Chris have been organising the BUSA/BUCS Slalom Competition at Teesside since 2005 and have also organised the BUCS river race since 2008.

Planning for the starts at least a year in advance. The organisational work of the event is split with John taking an overseeing role, Chris liasing with BUCS and Will looking after finance. The underlying principle over the race weekend remains that any of the key organisers being able to handle any aspect of the event should the need arise.

If you need to speak to an organiser during the course of the weekend they can be contacted through Race Control, or you'll see them wearing their bright orange hi-vis jackets. Having said that, anyone in a yellow hi-vis should be able to help you...

John, Chris and Will would like to thank the continuing support of other members of the Friends Group and DU Canoe Club which is absolutely essential for the continuing success of the BUCS Slalom and the BUCS Wild Water Race.


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