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The rules are pretty simple really, get from the top to the bottom as fast as you can unaided. But below are some specifics that you need to know about...


If you capsize then you can get back in your boat and continue. We don't mind if you have help to get back in, but you must be in the same boat as you started in, and you must be in it with your head above the water when you cross the finish line.

Team Eligibility

There are TWO categories of teams: Open Teams and Mixed Teams.

Teams consist of 3 boats. In addition: Competitors may only enter one team event in any given class of boat, so a competitor cannot paddle their C1, C2 or K1W in both an Open and a Mixed Team. However a competitor could paddle a K1 as part of an open team, a C1 in one mixed Team and a C2 in another mixed team.

Student Eligibility

All competitors must satisfy the BUCS eligibility critera (more details can be found at www.bucs.org.uk). In addition, all competitors must present a valid Student Identity Card at Registration. This must be done in one go for each University at the time of registration. Bibs will not be given out without having seen an eligible ID card.

Additional Rules

All competitors and drivers must follow the clockwise one way system around the course. Universities not adhering to this are likely to be disqualified.

All bibs must be returned before we leave the course on Sunday. A 5 administration charge will be made for late bibs. Lost or damaged bibs will be charged at 20 per bib.

Competitors wearng the wrong numbered bib for the class they are paddling may be disqualified.


BUCS points are allocated for the first four finishers in each class 12, 8, 6 and 4 BUCS points respectively for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The overall university is calculated from the summed points from each class. The first 15 finishers in each class gain 20,16,14,12,11,...,1 points and all other finishers gain 1 point. These points are totaled over all the classes and university BUCS points are awarded for top 8 universities as follows: 20, 14, 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1.


The organisers will provide a limited amount of safety cover provided by Wilderness Development (www.wilderness-development.com), AS WELL AS rather than INSTEAD OF cover provided by the competitor's own university. Any competitor in difficulty should obey the instructions of the safety personnel.

A footpath follows the race course down the river and clubs may provide bank based rescue for competitors. Clubs may also provide safety boaters for their members (i.e. to follow competitors down the course); if a swim is a possibility, this is highly recommended. Each competitor may have a maximum of one safety boater who must stay behind the competitor and wear a reversed bib. Competitors may be disqualified if their safety boater obstructs another racer on the course.

Any safety you provide for your team should not interfere with the dedicated safety personnel, and you should obey their instructions at all times.


All competitors must wear suitable safety equipment and boats/equipment should be in a river worthy condition. All boats must be fitted with grab loops at the bow and stern and must contain 2 air bags. All paddlers must wear CE approved buoyancy aids and helmets. Helmets fitted with polo faceguards are not suitable for use on white water. Paddlers should wear sufficient warm clothing for the time of year. The organisers may conduct spot checks on all equipment and reserve the right to refuse entry or disqualify anyone deemed to have insufficient safety equipment or be unsafe. Boats may be re-inspected following a swim and paddlers with unsafe boats will have to retire.


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